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Our Services

We work closely with a limited number of students each year so that we can truly get to know each student. We are coaches (rather than editors) who facilitate one-on-one, inquiry-based conversations that enable our students to better understand and articulate their experiences and goals.

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Our work is based in starting conversations that guide the student toward greater self-awareness and thus, deeper and more meaningful essays.

We offer students a structured process and constructive feedback, so they can craft strong personal statements and supplemental essays as well as honors program and scholarship applications. We work with high school and transfer students so they can:

  • Develop a realistic timeline for completing work & minimizing stress
  • Brainstorm effective topics
  • Identify specific, meaningful experiences while avoiding college essay clichés
  • Organize ideas for the strongest structure
  • Sharpen wording and grammar
  • Edit with a critical eye
  • Proofread final work before submission

Even the most diligent students tell us how much they value a bit of external structure and accountability. And even the strongest writers appreciate a fresh, objective perspective. In fact, regardless of their skill level, clients often find that the coaching they receive on their application essays also strengthens their other writing.

Although applying to college can be stressful, our goal is to make it an empowering experience as students gain self-awareness and find their narrative voice. It is thrilling for us to watch our clients grow through this process.

Transfer Students

Transfer application essays require an additional layer of depth and self-awareness. As current college students, transfer applicants are expected to reflect on their college experiences so far. Based on these experiences, they then need to make a case for their academic interests and the best environment in which to pursue them.

The University of California transfer application deadline is November 30. Other colleges’ transfer deadlines are typically in the late winter and early spring.

Aside from these differences in content and timeline, our process for working with transfer students is very similar to how we work with high school seniors.

High School Underclassmen

We also work with high school underclassmen who are applying to summer programs and/or looking to practice their narrative writing skills.

Click for more underclassmen information and inspiration.

Graduate School and Fellowship/Scholarship Applicants

The graduate school personal statement synthesizes the different types of essays students write for their undergraduate applications. Graduate school essays should demonstrate a refined focus in one’s area of study. We help grad school candidates tap into the skills they honed in their undergraduate applications to reflect a more advanced level of engagement with their studies and the greater world.

Tina also provides workshops and trainings as well as one-on-one customized coaching for counselors who want to improve their essay coaching skills. Just like she does with students, her colleague coaching is a combination of conversations and written notes. Counselor coaching could include:

  • Discussing a specific prompt and how to help a student approach it.
  • Talking through a student’s working draft and determining the most effective way to guide them to a stronger version.
  • Strategizing productive time management — for students and their counselor.
  • Determining roles, boundaries and how to keep everyone happy during the process.
  • “Diagnosing” essays from previous seasons and discussing how certain challenges could have been addressed.


  • Tina Boyer not only helped me transfer into the school of my dreams, but she also helped me develop as a person throughout the process. …

  • [My daughter] always looks forward to her meetings with Tori Kramer and shared with us recently that she feels more confident in her English class as a result of working with Tori!…

  • They finished their essays in a timely manner and applied to all of their schools well before the Early Action deadline….

  • I don’t know how I can thank you enough for keeping me on track, motivated, and not too stressed at the same time….

  • I enjoyed working with her so much that I returned to work with her again on my transfer apps…

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